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What Kind of Fence is Best?

Unless something prompts you, you most likely haven’t thought about your fence in a while. Off of the top of your head, is it clean? Damaged? Missing boards? When was the last time you circled the perimeter and inspected every piece? Most people have no idea about what state their fence is in.

A significant portion of those people have no idea what sort of fence they even have, let alone if it is the right fence for them. At A Straight Up Fence Company, we are experts in installing fences for both residential and commercial properties. We also happen to believe that knowledge about your fences is key to maintaining them, so we’ve put together a list of commonly used fences and information about each of them. If there is any that you like, you can follow this link and read more about them or request an estimate.

Swing for the Fences

Board/Post Fences and Split Rail Fences

These are a very common, cost-effective way to enclose your property. They are usually identifiable by their single, spread outposts and the boards connecting those posts. These are excellent fences to enclose large properties because they utilize distance and material over privacy. The addition of wire webbing is commonly installed around these fences since the wire prevents your animals from escaping and deters wild animals from entering. These would look strange circling a commercial property unless they were placed far away.

Cedar Privacy Fences

These are the most common suburb fences since they utilize vertical space to ensure a private area between neighbors. Since we only use western red cedar on these fences, they never fail on durability or structure. A few additions can be added or removed from these fences, including the ability to add a top cap and trim. These would look strange beside commercial property, but if the owner is looking for the most privacy for his buck—these are the way to go.

Chain Link Fences

The most easily arranged chain link fences are an excellent option for commercial or residential properties. They offer security and an open line of sight while also securing the inner perimeter for a cost-effective fence. Additions can also be added to these fences in the form of privacy screens and fabric or security options like spears or electrified strands. These also are great options for creating a safe, pet-friendly enclosure.

Ranch Tee Posts

As the name implies, these fences are best suited for ranches due to their style and function. Tee posts are shaped as ‘T’s and installed far apart; this is because the wire which spans between every post requires a consistent tension to remain stable. Some additions can be added to these fences, including painting the top of each posts to make them more easily visible. Commercial properties should not use these as a fencing option.

Wrought Iron Fences

Arguably the most beautiful of our metal fence options, our wrought iron fences are highly customizable. Ranging from historical styles to modern, these fences provide an unmatched elegancy to every property. That is why both residential and commercial clients commonly use these fences. In fact, people love these specialized fences so much that we also offer them in steel fabrications too.

Stone Fences

We also offer a range of stone fence options, which can be used in both residential and commercial properties. Brick and stone fences offer an old-school, nostalgic feel which cannot be easily reproduced. We offer additional pieces with these options, too, from building stone columns for a cedar fence or a stone bottom for a steel top fence; the options for these are truly limitless. These particular fences lend themselves to combination fences very well.

Our team has over a decade of fence installing and accessory services at A Straight Up Fence Company. We work closely with our clients to provide them with the best possible fencing solutions available anywhere in the Denver area. Our multiple testimonials prove our commitment to high-quality products, while our range of options proves our determination to get you exactly the right fence, in the right style, for your needs. We don’t just offer installation; we also offer repairs, gates, and staining services. All of which can be explored in the top bar of our website. If you’d like to know more about us or fencing in general, check out our blog or give us a call and we would be happy to answer all of your questions.

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