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Factors that determine the cost of your fencing installation


Fencing not only helps to prevent theft or trespassing; it can also improve your curb appeal. But how much does it cost to install a new fence? Below are some factors that can make a difference:

Fence design

The fence design that you select will determine your overall fencing cost. A sophisticated fence design will cost you more than a simple design. This is because an intricate design requires more installation equipment and high-class fencing materials, as well as a skilled labor force.

Material grade

The quality of materials that you choose for your fence installation project will affect its cost. Premium grade fencing materials are obviously more expensive than average grade materials.

Length of the fence

Fencing materials are usually priced based on linear feet. The more linear feet your fencing project requires, the more cost you will incur. Fencing contractors are also paid based on time spent on your project. So, more time equates to more costs.

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