Split Rail Fence

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With the help of A Straight Up Fence Company in Denver, a split rail fence can frame in a larger yard, as well as help maintain your view. And if you live on a corner lot where the city requires that you provide an open sight line for traffic, a split rail fence is the way to go. This type of fence can even keep pets and livestock in and predators out using a 2″x4″ rectangle welded wire in heights of 3′ up to 5′. Split rail can also be built in a variety of designs, from traditional ranch to the distinguished look of a custom fence.

The Function and Beauty of Split Rail

A split rail fence is great for both ranches and farms, as well as suburban settings if you want a more rustic and casual feel. Made from logs split lengthwise into rails, these fences were once built using a stacking method in place of hard to find hardware. These days, trimmed to fit cedar rails are inserted into posts with notches (mortises), which has proven to be a sturdier system. As for fence design, it’s quite flexible and can be customized with different rail styles along with beveled posts.

The Right Gate for a Split Rail Fence

Gates to go with your split rail fence come in all varieties. The most common choice is a picket-style walk gate, but we can also build a gate to match the rest of the fence. Drive gates are often a priority for customers who need to get vehicles and equipment into the yard and come with several options to choose from. If you have horses, a gate can be made using a lightweight steel tubing that works great with your split rail fence posts. We can also fabricate a custom wrought iron gate to match any design you choose.

split rail open picket wood fence

Acres to Small Yards, We Fence It All

With A Straight Up Fence Company, a split rail fence can be whatever you want it to be. We’ll turn your vision into a reality. And with decades of experience, you can trust our team to get the job done right. Live in Denver, Boulder or anywhere along the Front Range? Simply get in touch for a free estimate.