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new vinyl fence

Fence building facts

Building a fence on your property is a great way to keep off intruders and have some privacy as you bask in your yard. However, installing a fence is more than choosing a suitable material and figuring out how you want it to look. Here are some things you ought to know before building a…
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Custom metal driveway gate

Driveway gate benefits

Have you been considering adding a driveway gate to your property? It is a big decision to make, but one that you will never regret. Gates and fences provide many types of benefits, such as the following: Give your property added security and never have to worry about unwanted guests. Keep your children and pets…
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Custom wood fence Denver

Fence Installation During The Winter Season

Many of our Colorado clients wonder whether or not it is possible to install a fence during winter. The answer is that, so long as the ground is not significantly frozen, it is indeed possible to install nearly any type of fence during winter. Since fewer people have a fence installed during the colder months,…
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Natural wood fence A Straight Up Fence Company, Denver CO

All about fence etiquette

Fences are a great addition to any property. They can provide privacy or safety as well as create clear neighborhood boundaries. Fences, however, are a home improvement that affects more than just your family. Fences affect your neighbors as well, and there is some etiquette to follow because of this. Before adding fences to your…
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Cedar fence A Straight Up Fence Company, Denver Co

Family friendly fence for your home

We want to do everything to keep our families safe. That includes the neighborhood we live in and even the fence around our yards. Especially if you have smaller children, you want to be sure the fence you choose is sturdy enough to help keep children and pets in, as well as intruders out. If…
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Fence needs new pickets

Cleaning Your Fence

Here at A Straight Up Fence Company in Denver, we are experts at how to bring an old fence back to life. We’ve found that many of our customers see the upkeep on wooden fences as time-consuming and difficult. If you want to do it yourself, be prepared to spend a good amount of time…
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new vinyl fence

Will my insurance cover my fence?

Most insurance companies consider fences a permanent fixture on your property. They are ranked with your home, garages or sheds, swimming pools, and solar panels when it comes to your home insurance policy. Your policy, therefore, covers your fences for the same incidents that cover your home or other parts of your property. For example,…
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Fence repair services

Repairing shared fence

If you practice fence etiquette and bone up on local zoning regs, you can avoid neighbor disputes. Here at A Straight Up Fence Company in Denver, while fences make great neighbors, knowing your local fence etiquette for a shared fence can save you from headaches and other trouble. Find the Fence Owner The type of…
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Staining my new fence

So how do I keep my wood fence looking like new?

There are a few answers to this question, but we’ve asked our team of experts to come up with their top ones. The answers may surprise you, though the simple solutions to keeping the wood fence looking like new, need not cost you a lot of money. On the list of top tips for keeping…
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Automated gate installation

Automatic Gate options

Every property has its own layout and features. The best performing gate is the one that been designed to your particular property, whether it’s a sliding, cantilever, telescopic, or swing gate. A key consideration is your property’s space constraints. For example, if you have a short driveway, a sliding gate will work better than a…
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Custom wrought iron fence Denver CO

Rust on my wrought iron fence

At A Straight Up Fence Company in Denver, we know that along with being attractive, wrought iron is incredibly durable. It retains its shape, appearance and style for decades. It’s a worthwhile investment that will last many years if the iron is cared for appropriately and regularly. Unless you live where it never rains, place your…
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Ornate metal sidewalk gate

How to Choose the Right Fence Gates

Front gates can elevate the white picket fence dream home to a whole new level but they are just one of your options when it comes to fence gates. Fence gates can be used for additional privacy and security in your driveway, to create an aesthetic and functional walkway, or to provide an exit from…
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