T-Post Fence

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The t-post fence is a highly economical and efficient choice for mountain properties, ranches, farms and anyone with acreage. A Straight Up Fence Company in Denver has helped many clients, both here in the metro area and across the Front Range, plan and install miles and miles of t-post fence. Even if you have a smaller yard, t-post can be used to enclose your garden or chicken coop, as well as keep predators out.

What is a T-Post Fence?

This type of fence simply gets its name from the posts that are set into the ground – the steel “t-post” which is typically coated for rust resistance and corrosion protection. Along the posts are studs that hold the wire in place, and the top is typically painted white for greater visibility of the fence line.

When installing your t-post fence, the team from A Straight Up Fence Company will drive each of these posts a good 18” to 24” into the ground, even powering through solid rock if needed. Next, we’ll attach 2” x 4” welded wire to the posts with heavy-duty wire tires. For most applications, each section will run 10 feet. For areas with grades, we’ll narrow post settings to about 5 feet to ensure the correct tension.

To properly anchor expansive t-post fence installations, we’ll also use heavy corner posts that are set in concrete. This added step will help keep your t-fence tight and upright for many years to come.

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We’ll Protect Your Property & Livestock

Whether you’re keeping critters and trespassers off your farm or preventing your cattle from roaming too far, A Straight Up Fence Company in Denver can help you install a durable and cost-efficient t-post fence. We’ll set your perimeter, divvy up pastures, separate livestock areas and much more. We have over a decade of experience on all types of jobs, simple or complex. Give us a call and let’s talk.