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Top tips for protecting your wood fence against deterioration


Many people believe that wood fences aren’t sound investments. After all, wood can deteriorate faster than metal. Yet, it is possible for your wood fence to last a decade or longer. You merely need to take the following protective measures:

  • Pay a little more for a pest-resistant wood like cedar or redwood instead of pine. Pressure-treated wood that has been soaked with preservative chemicals that prevent pests is another less expensive option.
  • Since soil can become soaked with water and expands and contracts regularly, mount every fence post in concrete inside of the post holes.
  • Hire a pest control specialist to inspect the fence and eliminate any insects that they find at least once a year.
  • Power wash the fence before every season with wood-safe cleaners to remove microorganisms and pests that consume and tunnel through wood.
  • Never allow your fence to come into contact with other objects and plants that can spread moisture or create shadows that promote moisture or the growth of damaging mold, moss and algae.
  • Check your fence twice a month for damage that can rapidly worsen, such as cracks, insect holes and warping, and invest in repairs as quickly as possible.
  • Strengthen the fence every year with a coat of stain and sealant.

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