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Repairing shared fence

If you practice fence etiquette and bone up on local zoning regs, you can avoid neighbor disputes.

Here at A Straight Up Fence Company in Denver, while fences make great neighbors, knowing your local fence etiquette for a shared fence can save you from headaches and other trouble.

  • Find the Fence Owner

The type of fence often dictates who owns it. Generally, a boundary fence is a shared fence. This means the fence runs along the boundary line between two properties. If both property owners use the fence, meaning they use the land that touches the fence, have a fence that attaches to the boundary fence, or the property is enclosed because of fences that attach to the boundary fence, the responsibility is shared between the two property owners.

In Colorado, the maintenance of boundary fences is shared unless the two property owners have a different agreement.

If you have a shared fence that needs to be repaired, it may work best to ask your neighbor nicely about sharing the cost. If this is not effective, other options include writing a letter and mediation. Suing for reimbursement should always be kept as a last resort. After all, you will still be neighbors when the fence repair is finished.

  • Where’s your property line?

If you are contemplating building fence, proper etiquette for a shared fence is to understand exactly where your property begins and ends. A fence placed even an inch over the line can give your neighbor the right to demand that it be torn down. To avoid this issue, consider having a land surveyor ensure appropriate placement on your side of the property line.

  • Do other have a say?

Whether you have a homeowner’s association (HOA) or not, you may be subject to certain requirements when it comes to installing a fence. There are often regulations regarding the height, material, color and you may even need to meet setback requirements as well. If you live on a corner lot, you may have even more restrictions. You may also need a permit as well as an inspection. Always look into these matters before starting fence construction.

  • Keep Your Neighbor Informed.

If you are installing a fence, it is a great idea to let your neighbor know in advance. To avoid any trouble, you could show your neighbor the design and even be open to their ideas, particularly if their property may be affected by your decision. This kind of consideration could keep you out of a courtroom.

If you want to follow the proper etiquette for a shared fence, contact us here at A Straight Up Fence Company in Denver. Our team of experts will make sure that your fence is built and installed according to the rules, as well as help you avoid any fence issues with your neighbors. Call us today for more information.

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