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All about fence etiquette

Fences are a great addition to any property. They can provide privacy or safety as well as create clear neighborhood boundaries. Fences, however, are a home improvement that affects more than just your family. Fences affect your neighbors as well, and there is some etiquette to follow because of this.

Before adding fences to your yard, consider following these steps:

– Talk to your neighbors. Let them know a fence builder will be working near their property.
– Make sure you know the official property line. You do not want to put a fence too close to land that your neighbors own.
– Consider gardens. If your fence will block the sunlight to your neighbor’s garden, think about fencing options that allow the sun to shine through.

If you follow these unwritten neighborhood rules, putting a fence on your property will benefit both you and your neighbors. If you’re in need of a fencing company, reach out to Denver Fence Builder today.

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