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Why are preseason fence and retaining wall inspections so important?


Home and business owners who place fences right behind or on top of retaining walls face unique challenges as compared to fence owners who don’t combine the two features. Consider the following:

  • Ground settling can cause a retaining wall to lose support in spots, which can also cause a fence atop it to experience structural strain, such as warping with metal fences and cracks in wooden ones.
  • Changes in a retaining wall’s stability, even when a fence is located behind the wall, can also cause the fence supports and above-ground features to lose stability and experience strain.
  • Temperature and weather changes can damage fences and retaining walls. As a result, it’s important to check that these features don’t already have damage that can worsen when low winter temperatures and storms come through our region.

Our team at A Straight Up Fence Company can help you determine if your fence or nearby retaining wall needs repairs or total replacement. We have provided fence services in the Denver metro area for over a decade. For more information or to schedule an inspection, call today.

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