5 Reasons to Install Automatic Gate Systems

 5 Reasons to Install Automatic Gate SystemsIf you’re thinking about fencing, check out 5 reasons to install automatic gate systems from the team at A Straight Up Fence Company in Denver. Many people think that automatic gates are just for the rich and famous, after all, that’s what you see on any show that features such a home. But really, automatic gate systems may be something you need to add to your property.

  1. Upgrade Your Security

Your home is probably your most expensive possession, which means it should be protected. An automatic gate system gives your home an extra layer of security and allows you control over any access to your home and property. You can add a PIN entry system to allow access to people who need it—even if they don’t have the automatic opener with them. An automatic gate system is a criminal deterrent because it creates more risk for would-be thieves and criminals.

  1. More Privacy

Unwanted visitors never show up at a convenient time. With an automatic driveway gate, unwelcome visitors are easily refused access to your property saving you the time and trouble of turning them away at your door or as you are trying to leave.

  1. Added Protection for Your Kids and Pets

Fences around your property and an automatic gate system keep potential child predators out and have the added bonus of keeping your children on your property. No cars will come speeding into your driveway. Your children and pets will be able to enjoy the outdoors while you relax. An automatic gate system gives parents and pet owners an added peace of mind.

  1. Get an Insurance Discount

Just as Lo-Jacks, car alarms, and other theft deterrents reduce the risk of a stolen car, an automatic gate system provides that same reduced risk for your home. Since reduced risk gets you cheaper car insurance, a new automatic gate system reduces the potential liability to your home insurance company. Some home insurance companies will offer a discount for adding safety and security systems. Even though it is only a few dollars a month, over time the savings will accumulate quickly. Check with your insurance company to see what an automatic gate system will save you on your premium.

  1. Boost Your Property Value

Practically any upgrade to your home or surrounding property will increase the overall value of your home when it comes time to sell it. The upgrades that end up being the best investment are those that most potential homebuyers find to be attractive. Because of the safety and security of automatic gate systems, the return on investment can be well worth the cost. Also, an automatic gate system increases the curb appeal and will help your home stand out.

Now that you know 5 reasons to install automatic gate systems, give us a call at A Straight Up Fence Company in Denver and we can help you pick out the fence, gate and automatic gate system that will be perfect for you and your home. Wood to wrought iron, we have the right materials and style for your home and budget.

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