11 Great Reasons to Choose an Iron Fence

11 Great Reasons to Choose an Iron FenceToday, A Straight Up Fence Company in Denver gives you 11 great reasons to choose an iron fence. We know that deciding what kind of fence you might enjoy or want can be difficult, and we’ve learned that sometimes people overlook wrought iron fencing. Sometimes it helps to know more about one specific type to help make your choice easier, so let’s take a look at iron.

  1. Wrought-iron is incredibly strong and durable. It is even known in the industry as “100-year fencing” because it really does hold up over many decades. Its strength allows it to resist bending or even denting.
  2. Due to its strength, a wrought iron fence is great for security. It is great for keeping children and pets safe, particularly if you choose a style with close bars to keep them from slipping through the spaces. It also works well as a safety fence around swimming pools. Additionally, it will keep out intruders, particularly if you choose a tall style, with close bars, and pointed tips at the top.
  3. Wrought iron, because it is mixed with slag, has a greater resistance to rust than pure iron.
  4. Though it will rust eventually, it can be painted for additional protection. Depending on the paint used, wrought iron may not need to be repainted for up to 10 years.
  5. Wrought iron can be repaired without needing to replace an entire fence by replacing a small or large section.
  6. Because of wrought iron’s properties, it can be shaped into a variety of beautiful and artistic designs while maintaining its functionality and strength.
  7. Wrought iron is worked using an artisanal metal fabrication process. The iron is forged and worked (this is where “wrought” comes from) with special tools to produce its wonderful designs and distinctive appearance. Though this quality and workmanship do require more of an investment than a material like vinyl, the final look is priceless.
  8. Wrought iron is available in such a wide range of styles, it can compliment any home or business décor—traditional, modern, formal, or casual.
  9. Wrought iron, paired with an iron gate, allows for stylish fencing that maintains any beautiful views and doesn’t block light. Because of its stylish look, wrought iron can actually increase your property’s value and add to its general curb appeal.
  10. Wrought iron is great for any garden fencing that is needed. It can add appeal and charm to any landscaping work on your property.
  11. Wrought iron is an eco-friendly option because of its ability to last for decades, but also because the material can be reused (vintage and antique stores love wrought iron fences, gates, and railings) and even recycled at the end of its very long life for scrap metal.

Now that you know 11 great reasons to choose an iron fence, you should have a better idea of whether wrought iron is the perfect option for your home or business. If you want such a fence, come see us at A Straight Up Fence Company in Denver for custom iron work and a professional installation.

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