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Western Red Cedar fencing

At Straight Up Fence Company in Denver, we want to highlight the benefits of a western red cedar fence.


Western red cedar is in a class with only one other long-lasting wood, redwood. Both woods are quite durable. Because cedar has natural oils, its durability is so long-lasting. It can better resist decay and insects. This also allows cedar fencing to remain straighter over the years, resisting shrinking and curving over time.

Another great reason cedar is so wonderful is that its oils allow it to maintain its color. The combination allows cedar fencing to age nicely instead of fading to gray as some wooden fences are prone to doing. Cedar fencing remains good-looking over many years.


Cedar is going to cost more up front, but you get what you pay for. This is a high-grade, very high-quality wood. The additional price is worth the additional years of no repairs or needed replacement. By purchasing a higher quality wood up-front, you are saving yourself money in the future.

Visual Appeal

Western red cedar is particularly good looking. Additionally, because it is resin free, it will accept staining of any shade nicely and keep the color for longer which is a great feature of this fine wood. Western red cedar is also biodegradable and renewable, coming almost entirely from sustainable forests. Because it is long lasting, not having to replace your fence as frequently also makes it environmentally friendly.

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