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How to Choose the Right Fence Gates

Front gates can elevate the white picket fence dream home to a whole new level but they are just one of your options when it comes to fence gates. Fence gates can be used for additional privacy and security in your driveway, to create an aesthetic and functional walkway, or to provide an exit from a fenced area. You might say the gate makes the fence. Whatever your reason for installing a fence gate, here are some things to consider.

Check out Rules from Your Homeowners Association

Before you start purchasing or installing any new fence gates, you should check with any relevant local authorities to make sure your gate is compliant with the rules. It’s better to check the parameters upfront than find out later on down the line that you’ll have to take down your new fence gate.

Choose Whether Your Gate will be Powered or Manual

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a manual fence gate but if you’re even considering an automatic gate, you should establish where that power will come from. It’d be extremely disappointing to start the installation on a powered fence gate only to discover there’s no nearby power source.

Consider Different Types of Gates

Even if you have a very specific type of fence gate in mind, there’s no harm in shopping around and looking at other options. There are many different types of fence gates so you might be surprised by what you find. You might want your gate to perfectly match the material of the fence it goes with but you could also choose a complementary material.

The most common choice for fence gates is a standard gate- a gate that perfectly matches the material and height of your existing fence. If you’re looking for something more unique, you might choose an ornamental gate. These gates are fancier, generally have an intricate design, and can even be customized to include personal details.

If for some reason, you don’t want your fence gate to be easily seen, then you need a hidden gate. These gates look like any other part of the fence so it seems like there’s no opening at all. Hidden gates are a good choice for homes in areas with a lot of foot traffic.

Another type of gate is a double gate which homeowners most commonly used for driveways. As the name suggests, these gates have two parts which mean they can require additional maintenance and bracing.

The right type of gate for your home will depend on where you put it and what your goals are for the fence gate.

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