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What to know before building a fence

Building a fence on your property is a great way to keep off intruders and have some privacy as you bask in your yard. However, installing a fence is more than choosing a suitable material and figuring out how you want it to look. Here are some things you ought to know before building a…
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Top tips for protecting your wood fence against deterioration

Many people believe that wood fences aren’t sound investments. After all, wood can deteriorate faster than metal. Yet, it is possible for your wood fence to last a decade or longer. You merely need to take the following protective measures: Pay a little more for a pest-resistant wood like cedar or redwood instead of pine.…
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Commercial chain link fence with automatic gate

Why choose chain link for your new fence installation?

Home and business owners have a lot of choices available to them when selecting a fence material. You might choose weather-resistant cedar, eco-friendly composite or durable vinyl. Chain link is another excellent option. Consider the following: Galvanized chain links don’t corrode as easily as other materials. Since chain-link fences are also budget-friendly, you save money…
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Do you need your neighbor’s permission to install a fence?

In most states, the standard rule is that you don’t need your neighbor’s permission to install a fence on your land. Unfortunately, if the placement of your fence invades into your neighbor’s property, he/she can refuse its installation. It’s essential to get a written agreement from your neighbor that allows you to access your fence…
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Custom metal driveway gate

Manual or Automatic gate, which one should you go for?

The choice of driveway gates depends upon your financial status among many other factors. Each gate has its pros and cons. As a homeowner, it is essential to go for a gate that fits your budget and needs. Manual gates They are manually operated and come with locks. They are cheaper and easier to maintain…
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Custom fence and fence posts

Factors to consider when choosing a gate for your yard

As a homeowner, it is essential to have a gate and a fence surrounding your home as they protect you and your family against robbers, unwanted visitors, and wildlife. Here are several factors to consider before buying a gate. The design you would like your gate to have. The material for the gate construction, i.e.,…
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Maintaining your vinyl fence

Vinyl fences are low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t require any maintenance. White vinyl fences especially show any stain, whether it is algae, mold, mildew or rust. An excellent annual cleaning will remove grime from your fence and keep it looking its best. All you need to get started is a bucket,…
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Why choose vinyl fencing for your home?

Out of all the fence materials, vinyl fences demand the lowest cost of maintenance. This is perhaps the reason why it’s getting much popular. Unlike other conventional wood fences that require regular painting, vinyl fences do not require any application of chemicals. They can withstand termites and other pests on their own. Secondly, vinyl fences…
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Solar powered fence opener

Power-up your security with solar

Have you considered securing your property’s driveway, but your gate is lacking electrical wiring? A solar-powered automated gate system can give you the multiple benefits of a traditional setup even if an electrical connection isn’t possible. The lifetime advantages of using a solar-powered system may prove friendlier to your wallet and to the environment in…
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decorative wood fence and gate

The Benefits of a Driveway Gate

Have you been considering adding a driveway gate to your property? It is a big decision to make, but one that you will never regret. Gates and fences provide many types of benefits, such as the following: Give your property added security and never have to worry about unwanted guests. Keep your children and pets…
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4 reasons why you should have a fence around your home

There are so many reasons why you should consider installing a fence around your home. Here are a few: A fence would create a border around your land, showing which areas are your responsibility and which are your neighbors’. Trespassers would be deterred because a fence would provide a clear marker between private and public…
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Factors that determine the cost of your fencing installation

Fencing not only helps to prevent theft or trespassing; it can also improve your curb appeal. But how much does it cost to install a new fence? Below are some factors that can make a difference: Fence design The fence design that you select will determine your overall fencing cost. A sophisticated fence design will…
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