At A Straight Up Fence Co., LLC we take great pride in our quality and workmanship.

We offer a full range of fence and deck staining colors and products to keep your new or existing fence looking beautiful. Much like our fences we always use top of the line products and have an exclusive relationship with our supplier to keep the cost down for our customers. Whether your fence is old or new or if we install it for you, a fresh coat of stain will always extend the life of your wood fence, deck or gate.

On older fences we will pressure wash and clean your fence while stripping off the outer gray or dark brown “skin”. At this point your fence or deck will look new again and only requires a topcoat of stain to last for years to come. We offer semi-transparent and transparent fence stain, solid base stain, transparent and solid deck stain in a wide variety of colors chosen by you at the time of our estimate.


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