Window Security Bars

Window security is an important part of your homes security. Too often people think that to be secure they have to give up aesthetics. We can fabricate security bars to look great with your homes theme & trim colors. All bars come powder coated to a 3 mil. thickness for rust prevention and can be color matched to any standard or unique look. When securing basement windows it is important that some of the windows are egress capable. To do this we install a push button inside the house that when pushed frees a lock on the bars, hinges then allow the bars to swing open.

This photo shows security bars on basement windows in Washington Park. The bars were powder coated black and go great with the house.

These are security bars in the open position allowing egress from the house.

These bars feature pointed spears on the top and is backed with expanded metal, which is a heavy mesh in a diamond pattern. It was important at this property to make sure rocks could not break the windows.

Another window from the property above with spears and expanded metal. The bars were anchored to the stucco wall using lag shields and non reversible bolts.