Wood Gates

Cedar gates can be built to any size from walk gates to double drive gates. All gates can come in different opening styles including swing, double swing, sliding and cantilever. Depending on your needs we can customize the gate to ensure easy operation to get in and out with any vehicle or equipment you might have.

This is our 5′ privacy with 1′ open top fence style and an example of the gate that goes with it. For added security we can add a door handle and deadbolt to go with the gate.

This picture shows double door, in-swing gates. The customer wanted the gates to swing in for easy access and for the gate to shut and lock using a door handle and deadbolt.

The gates shown here are on the left a 3 1/2′ walk gate with a 10′ double, out-swing gate for vehicles. These are all western red cedar (before staining). The natural colors of the cedar really stand out and look amazing.

Pictured is a 6′ cedar sliding driveway gate. To construct the sliders we used 5″ caster wheels that slide on a 2″x2″ angle iron, anchored to the concrete. The casters have zirk grease fittings that allow for easy maintenance. When shut it looks like one solid fence.

Here is a close-up of the caster wheels and the angle iron slide rail. The “V” groove of the caster on the angle iron ensure that the gate will not come off track.

Some custom gates features a top 2″x6″ cap with 1″x4″ trim piece. When customers want an open area where we could put the decorative glass for a unique look and to use as a peep hole.