Iron Gates

Iron gates are as secure as you can get and in some cases are the only feasible type of gate to use. We fully fabricate all of our iron gates to fit and match your particular job. All gates are powdercoated and can come in a variety of colors.

This gate is made of 1″x1″ square tubing with speared pickets and expanded metal (mesh) backing. The expanded metal ensures that noone will be able to open the gate from the outside without a key. We used 3″x3″ hinge and latch posts anchored to the concrete walls using lag shields and non reversible bolts.


This driveway gate was built using 1″x2″ framing with 1″x1″ support bars. The gate is 19′ long and 5′ tall we used a 4″x4″ hinge post set 3′ deep in concrete.


Iron framed gates with cedar pickets give a great look while maintaining privacy and security.