Split Rail

The split rail fence style is an excellent way to frame in large yards, with its open look its also a great option to maintain your views. To keep pets and livestock in and predators out, we use a 2″x4″ rectangle welded wire that come in heights of 3′ up to 5′. Split rail can be built in many different designs from the traditional ranch style to the disinguished look of a custom fence.

Gates on the split rail fence can also vary, the most common choice is a picket style walk gate but can also be built to match the rest of the fence. Drive gates are often a priority for our customers to get vehicles and equipment into the yard and we have several options to choose from. Horse gates made of steel tubing are a lightweight solution and work great with wood posts, we can also fabricate custom gates to match any design using wrought iron.

Traditional split rail fence style with picket walk gates and weld wire.

This split rail fence is excellent on a corner lot, with its open design there is no traffic sight restriction. Always a good option when city fence codes restrict the use of 6′ privacy fence.

Stand out from the crowd with a fully custom design. This fence features 4″x4″ top and bottom rails, 4″ beveled posts and the “X” style 2″x4″ center rails. It also has welded wire and gates to match the rest of the fence.